Written on February 27th, 2016.

Pablo Pablo2 Pablo3

Just wanted to let you know that Ziggy/Pablo is doing great! My husband said last night that it’s as if he has always been part of the family. :)
He is adjusting so well and such a happy well behaved little guy. He will fall asleep everywhere and anywhere as you can see in the photos.
My son ( the one in the red sweatshirt) came home from college for the weekend and my daughter and her fiancé came over on Sunday and he loved them immediately and vice versa. I enclosed some pics. We all adore him and he will be one spoiled and loved baby. :)
I can’t thank you enough for letting us adopt him. He really is so precious and we adore him. He is sleeping next to me on the sofa right now. He wanted to walk tonight even in the rain and loved it. He loved being wrapped up in a towel afterwards when I dried him off. :)